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The Mama Commune

Gather - Discuss - Support - Share - Advise

April 26th, 2006


Just a quick note to mention:
  • After slacking for quite a while, I caught up with all pending membership requests. If you've asked to be a part of the community, you should check your community invitations page so that you can join.

  • Since I was slacking, I have opened up membership to the community. We're sufficiently "under the radar" at the moment that I don't think that this should pose any problems. If it does, the matter will be reviewed in the future.

  • I've gone back and tagged all of the entries thus far. Please feel free to tag your posts from here out, and if you want a tag that isn't there, let me know.

  • I've also added a number of links to the sidebar. If you know of a site that's helpful to women with an AP/natural family/progressive mindset that would be an asset to our link list, please let me know.

  • The community could use a co-moderator. If you're interested, please let me know.

  • Just a reminder, all entries are automatically friends only (unless you intentionally go back and set your entry public, as I've done for this one) so you can share comfortably.

Thank you all for being a part of things here.

February 4th, 2005

If you would like to join The Mama Commune, please comment here. (Comments are screened.) Tell us a little about yourself, your family, why you want to join us and where our members might know you from. If you seem to be a good fit for our community, we'll send you an invitation to join.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the community maintainer dreamalynn. (Various means of contacting her are available on her info page.)

February 1st, 2006


My name is Jess, and I'm the mother of a monster..er I mean toddler. My son Hunter is nearly a year and a half and he is just as stubborn as me (alright so he's a little more stubborn than I am. I blame his father for this.)

We live in DFW (Dallas/Ft Worth) Texas, and I am a stay at home mother. I love my job, with all of my heart, all the cuddles and time I get to spend with Hunter is a blessing. However sometimes I want to jab my eyes out with a spork.

We do practice attachment parenting, even if it's not as 'pure' as some others. IE We don't co-sleep, and Hunter was formula fed. I have defenses for both of those choices, but do I really have to defend my choices?

Erm..we have cats and dogs, and I am a total craft-a-holic. I'm into knitting, crocheting, cross stitch, and ceramics. I also have no idea what else to say.

Soo..I guess I'll slap this up.



brushed n dooced me

i am jade. i'm 25. i am married to daniel. we have two daughters - stephanie is a few months off 5 and abigail is a few months off 1. (their birthdays are in april.)

stephanie has just started preschool at the "big school" and she thinks that is great. so do i. i can't wait for her to start having the extra lessons that they have there (compared to the private preschool she was previously at). one of the things she will be learning is italian and i want to brush up my own, which i did throughout most of school to both help her and have the fun of being able to talk to someone in a different language. abigail is at that stage where she is annoyingly unambulatory - she knows she can get places, she just hasn't quite managed to do it yet. (and that, of course, is my fault.) i think she's also on the brink of having teeth erupt every where, she's been.. well.. not quite the lovely baby she usually is.

i don't have any particular "parenting philosophy" except that i would really prefer if my children are happy most of the time. (i'd say "all" of the time, but i know that sometimes kids are just determined to be in a bad mood.)

i was thinking this new community would be a good place to enquire if any of you have experience with a vegetarian baby? i am most definitely not vegetarian (though i don't have anything against vegetarianism, i just don't think i could do it). abigail, however, appears to be. it is uncanny how she can identify which foods have got some kind of meat in them. she's not interested in the red meats at all and will maybe tolerate a few spoonfuls of something containing chicken before she starts getting antsy and spitting it out and rubbing it all over her face and hair. i do like to try to cook her food myself but i'm kind of having a rest from that while we're at the height of summer, it's just too hot for that hot stove business. i feel like what i am giving her is incredibly boring though. pumpkin and this, pumpkin and that. pumpkin appears to be her favourite. she eats yoghurts, vegetable blends and fruit blends. anyone got any suggestions for interesting things to make that are easy to make? they have to be pureeable, any kind of texture is evil. apparently.


January 31st, 2006

Hi :) I'm Sarah, 32, mother to Sean (3) and Liam (15 months). I've been a SAHM for about four years now and have just started looking for work outside the home. My boys have just started daycare for the first time and to say it's been hard, and continues to be hard, is an understatement.

I'm a scrapbooker, cardmaker, cook and every now and then I like to play with graphics and webdesign.

I'm a qualified medical lab technician and a medical secretary. I'm looking for work as a medical secretary because the money is much better.

I'm still breastfeeding Liam, although we've successfully dropped his daytime feeds. He's now only nursing first thing in the morning and last thing before bedtime. I am so happy we've managed to get this far. Sean self weaned (refused to nurse and was miserable for six weeks) at 5 months.

I'm not sure how much time I'll have to contribute here when I start working, but a Mama Commune sounds like a wonderful place to be. Thanks Dreama :)

January 30th, 2006

my intro

Hi my name is Dara and I'm mom to a beautiful baby girl named Gabriella, or Gabbie. She is almost 10 months old and she is truly my joy! (haha, I typed "job" by mistake!). I plan to have more children, but I had a difficult time getting pregnant with Gabbie and she is a little miracle who I just love caring for. I am planning to continue breastfeeding her until she turns 1. I am not sure what else to write, but I look forward to meeting everyone!

January 29th, 2006


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